Cornichon (925 silver/bronze)

£50.00 - £100.00
Cornichon (925 silver/bronze)


An ode to the magical crunch of a tiny pickle.

Available in 925 silver or bronze. Each has been hand carved and cast from specially selected originals.

Please note the base of each pickle is worn down where the sprue was- for metal flow !! On silver pieces there's a hunt to find the hallmark, which can be found on the top, bottom, hook at the top, or hidden within pickle ridges!

Large, medium and small.
Pickles vary slightly, but follow these three main size groups- if you wish to see more photos and pick a specific one, please ask!

Small silver- 14g, 4cm length
Medium silver-18g, 4cm length
Large silver- a stinkin 50G!! 5.5cm and very girthy.

Small bronze-11g 4cm length
Medium bronze-15.5g, 5cm length
Large bronze- 40g, 5.5cm and very girthy.

Please note- bronze can oxidise against skin and leave a pale green mark. Cleaning tips are included in all orders.

Loop sizes vary.
Chain not included.